ProLine 24" Planishing Hammer

Van Sant Enterprises, Inc. will continue with the manufacturing of Proline Metal Shaping Equipment. Van Sant Enterprises Inc. is honored to keep Clay Cook’s tradition of quality alive. For more information, go to For other requests give us a call at 641-628-3860 or email us at


ProLine Planishing Hammers are designed for forming or planishing light gage sheet metal shapes. They can be used in numerous sheetmetal applications, including automobile and aircraft restoration, race car fabrication, sheetmetal stamping shops, etc.


  • ProLine Planishing Hammers take the "work" out of metal work and saves the experienced metal man hours of time, leading to increased production.
  • 24" throat, cast iron construction.
  • Lower arm drops down to extend depth to 23", with optional anvil for deep parts.
  • Shown with optional die rack, dies & foot pedal extension.
  • Ease of die changes.


  • All parts are machined and assembled in-house for total quality control.
  • Finest grade cast iron frame.
  • Air regulator with lubricator.
  • 12-point Grade 8 bolts used throughout.
  • Fine air control knob for easy operator adjustment.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Special urethane cobalt blue paint.
  • Electroless nickel plated parts.
  • Optional die set available, made of S-7 tool steel, heat-treated and polished.

VISA and Mastercard accepted.

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